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Jun 12, 2016

Alfred Wright. November 7, 2013. Sabine County, TX. A 28 year-old man is on his way to a client's house for a physical therapy appointment when his truck overheats and he is forced to pull up outside of a liquor store. He calls his wife to request a ride. Since she is home with their two sick kids, she calls her father and mother-in-law to ask them to pick him up. She calls her husband's phone again to let him know and hears heavy breathing on the other end. Her concerned questions go unanswered. When his parents arrive he is missing. Two and a half weeks later his body would be found nearby. He only had on underwear, two shoes, and a single sock. An autopsy would reveal several drugs in his system and indicated an accidental death. At the request of his family, another pathologist would take a look and she suspected homicide. Did he cause his own death or was he murdered?