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Feb 18, 2018

Carrie Culberson. August 28, 1996. Blanchester, Ohio. 22 year old Carrie Culberson arrived at her home very late in the evening after playing volleyball. Then she and her car just vanished. Or seemed to, anyway. A neighbor said that she witnessed the young woman's boyfriend, Vincent Doan, hitting her and heard him say, 'I told you if you ever tried to leave me I'd kill you'. Carrie's family tried their best to search for her, but the most promising lead developed when two dogs both alerted by a pond on the property of Lawrence Baker who was Doan's father. Detectives felt that this was significant and thought that answers to Carrie's whereabouts were about to be revealed. But before the pond could be drained and searched, someone put a stop to it and dealt a serious blow to the investigation...