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Jul 24, 2016

Charlie Brandt. January 3, 1971. Fort Wayne, Indiana. A 13 year-old boy walks into his parents' bathroom carrying a gun. His father is shaving and his pregnant mother is taking a bath. Their son would shoot his father then his mother despite their pleas. His 15 year-old sister was his next target but the gun merely clicked. After a physical confrontation he would give up. Later, due to his age, he would be sent for treatment at an Indianapolis mental hospital. Over the next three decades he would seemingly live a normal life until the year 2004. While he and his wife were staying with her niece his urge to kill resurfaced. When law enforcement officers arrived on the scene they found him hanging in the garage, his wife dead on the couch from multiple stab wounds, and his niece mutilated in her bedroom. It was a scene not unlike that left behind by Jack the Ripper. Charlie Brandt's secrets would start to come out.

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