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Apr 23, 2017

Death of May Greineder. October 31, 1999. Wellesley, MA. Dirk and Mabel Greineder had been married for more than 30 years. Within one year of their youngest child moving out of the home, May was murdered while out for a walk one morning with her husband and their dog. Her husband, an allergist, says that he had gone on ahead after she complained about pain in her back. When he returned about ten minutes later, his wife was gone. Their dog, Zephyr, would locate her. May had been attacked with a drilling hammer and a knife. Both of which would be found in a storm drain. While the doctor says that he saw someone suspicious running away, the investigators find his statements about this and other things to be very contradictory to the evidence. Some of the evidence consisted of gloves, a knife, a drilling hammer, and plastic ziploc bags. When it came time to reveal a possible motive for the murder, prosecutors had more evidence still. Credit card transactions that revealed a secret life that the doctor had kept secret from his wife and his children.