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Feb 25, 2018

October 24, 2011. Potsdam, New York. 12 year old Garrett Phillips had played some basketball with friends after school one day and then headed home after his mother, Tandy Cyrus, called to tell him that he needed to start on his homework. Neighbors heard strange noises from his apartment after he arrived home. Law enforcement would hear someone moving around inside after showing up. When they finally gained access they discovered Garrett on the floor. He had a pulse but they could tell something was wrong. As an ambulance raced to the apartment a window was found to be open. The screen pushed out where someone may have exited. Within hours the boy died. It was discovered that he had been strangled and suffocated. A short list of suspects was drawn up, but front and center was an ex-boyfriend of Garrett's mother. Nick Hillary denied responsibility and felt that discrimination was the reason why he was being investigated. But the Jamaican born soccer coach wasn't the only ex who may have had a motive. Tandy had also previously dated a sheriff's deputy who might not have been happy about losing her, either...