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Jan 28, 2018

John Edward Robinson. 1984-2000. Kansas & Missouri, United States. For many years, John Edward Robinson was known as a scammer and embezzler. His crimes usually resulted in probation and he was able to lie so effectively that many gave him the benefit of the doubt. But beyond the face he presented to most everyone lurked a man who hungered for domination of others. In the early days of the internet he chose the name Slavemaster. He not only abused and attacked those who signed contracts to be his submissives, but he also targeted women who needed help. To them, he first appeared to be a savior. With promises of training and a job, he was able to lure women into his trap. To understand just what a monster Robinson was you need to follow his history from Illinois as a young Eagle scout to his scams and murders in both Kansas and Missouri where he created layers of lies to attempt to perpetrate and cover his crimes. Join us as we discuss a serial killer who you won't soon forget.