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Apr 1, 2018

Lost Girls Of Panama. April 1, 2014. Boquete, Panama. Lisanne Froon & Kris Kremers traveled to Panama in the middle of March to vacation for a couple of weeks before going to Boquete to volunteer as social workers. Despite local guides being available to assist them on any hikes, the two women set out on a hike together on April 1st. They would never be seen alive again. A search would eventually uncover their belongings and some of their remains. Images taken with their Canon Powershot camera and cellphone records have led many to speculate what caused their deaths. Why did they leave such odd clues behind? Why were so many images taken at night? Did an unforgiving jungle claim their lives? Or did someone take advantage of the unsuspecting tourists? Was this an accident? Or were the women murdered? Join us as we discuss the case of the Lost Girls Of Panama.