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Feb 4, 2018

Noura Jackson. June 5, 2005. Memphis, Tennessee. An 18 year old spends a Saturday evening partying with friends. Sometime that evening her mother calls her to say that she needs to go back home. Her mother had been upset with her regarding her drug use and concerned that she wouldn't finish her education. Noura Jackson had been told to stay home, but went out anyway. The phone call convinces her to go home. Sometime between 1am and 5am something terrible happens. Noura calls 911 at 5am to report that her mother isn't breathing and that she is bleeding. An autopsy later revealed that she had been stabbed 50 times. This was the second parent of Noura's to be murdered. In January of 2004, her father was shot and killed at his store by an unidentified individual. Months after her mother was stabbed to death, the teenager was arrested. Did she murder her mother? Or was someone else responsible?