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Jan 26, 2015

Elisa Lam. TJ returns to the podcast to discuss the mysterious case of Elisa Lam with us. What began as a viral video of what appeared to be a disturbed or possibly haunted woman in a hotel elevator has now become a solved case as far as the LAPD are concerned. Yet, questions remain. How […]

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Jan 18, 2015

The Elkhart 4. In October of 2012, three teenagers and an adult decided to rob a house. Another teenager in the group stayed across the street. Either as a lookout or because he lost his nerve. Finding one that appeared vacant they knocked and rang the doorbell to make sure that the house was indeed […]

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Jan 12, 2015

In Broad Daylight. Author Harry MacLean joins the podcast to talk about Skidmore, Missouri and the man who terrorized its citizens for years unabated. At least until the town had enough of the rapes, assaults, thefts, and harassment. What happened in 1981 was like a story from the wild west. Did the town do the...

Jan 6, 2015

Robert Arthur. The author of You Will Die joins us to discuss how taboos have led Americans to accept laws that fly in the face of reason. From the drug war, to prostitution, to our ever growing prison population, we have been manipulated into putting up with an unjust system. One of the most obvious […]

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