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Feb 27, 2017

Sonia Cacy. November 10, 1991. Fort Stockton, Texas. A woman moves into the home of her uncle, Bill Richardson, to care for him after his cataract surgery. A month later, multiple fires are reported on November 2nd, 1991. The woman and her uncle fear that someone is attempting to harm them. Days later, another fire would break out that claimed the life of Bill Richardson. An investigation into this fire would result in the arrest, trial, and conviction of Sonia Cacy for the murder of her uncle. Over time, arson investigators and the Innocence Project of Texas are able to establish that the fire was not due to arson. When the facts of the case are revealed it becomes obvious that some of those responsible for her conviction knew all along that she did not start the fire. Judgment, corruption, lack of empathy, and junk science all played a role in this unbelievable true crime case.