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May 22, 2016

The Bain Family Murders. June 20, 1994. Dunedin, New Zealand. A 22 year-old man sets out on his newspaper route early in the morning. Sometime after returning home before 7am, he discovers some members of his immediate family have been murdered. Police would find more victims and the victims were identified as 59 year-old Robin (father), 50 year-old Margaret (mother), 19 year-old Arawa (daughter), 18 year-old Laniet (daughter), & 14 year-old Stephen (son). Initially, the scene suggested a murder/suicide. A rifle was found on the floor next to Robin's body. As the investigation continued, though, all signs began to point toward the only surviving member of this home. The 22 year-old son, David Cullen Bain, who also happened to have an alibi.